7.8Hz Molecular Resonance Activator Spin Quantum Water Pitcher BULE

7.8Hz Molecular Resonance Activator Spin Quantum Water Pitcher BULE

7.8Hz Molecular Resonance Activator Spin Quantum Water Pitcher BULE

7.8HZ low frequency resonance water  instrument, spin quantum resonator, Schumann wave, low frequency molecular resonator module, remove bacteria in water, enhance healthy cell viability, inhibit tumor cell growth.

Our instrument have module patent number: 201630560858.3  and invention patent number: 201611167357.4 

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This is not a water purifier, this product uses the spin quantum low frequency resonance principle, change the water molecule link structure, change the bood viscosity in 20 minutes , increase energy in daily drinking water ,improve the human body environment, enhance cell health.In adults, the proportion of water in the organization accounted for about 70%, middle-aged organizations, the proportion of water accounted for about 60%, the proportion of water in older organizations accounted for 50% and in neonate can be as high as 80% -90 %. (Of which 90% of the blood, brain tissue accounted for 85%, 75% of the muscles, bones accounted for 50%) the proportion of water in the human body less than 50% that the life will be dangerous.

It doesn't touch the water, nor add any other objects, but through the low-frequency vibration,The chaotic water molecules are arranged neatly through a physical way. So that the water molecules to opened the hydrogen bond 10 degrees and water increased energy into active water. And the vibrated water viscosity decreased by 400 times than ordinary and the body's cell absorption rate increased by 3 times,so that our metabolic rate is also corresponding increased, It is also the end of all the liquid processing equipment, edible oil, milk, fruit juice, wine, etc.,  the oil after resonanced can reduce the oil content of food by 19% in cooking. The most of important thing is that the water after resonanced are more favorable absorption of h-uman, cells can be anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-fungal, inhibit cell mutation.

Low frequency resonance effect Features:

1. Low frequency: The molecular signal consists of low frequency waves that induce cellular function and interact. Live cells will only resonate with low-frequency electromagnetic waves, after millions of years of evolution, they are exposed to natural magnetic field are normal metabolism, which features low frequency oscillation frequency range between 0.5-15 Hz. The living cells generate resonance in the range of 0.3-13 Hz, while the range of human-brain functional waves (Δ,θ, α) is between 0.3-30 Hz.

2. Energy:  It can maintain more than two years of water with energy, he uses its low frequency characteristics, change the structure of water molecules, become similar structure of water cells,the transmission mechanism of biological information is easier to control the metabolism of organisms activities,  maintain a healthy environment of the body to achieve health and self-healing purposes.

3. The process of low frequency resonance effect can set out  four unique frequencies which are beneficial to human biological. In addition to removing harmful chemicals and harmful magnetic contents in the water, turn these four unique frequencies into the water to rewrite the previously harmful magnetic messages of water molecules.

4. The resonance process does not touch the liquid, the only one no need to increase the external material can increase the energy and neutralize the body's pH value.

5.  Without adding any chemicals, elements or additives , adopt the physical way to change the water structure, become similar to the structure of water cells.

6. High stability:  even after boiling, X-ray, pressure and exposure to high radiation devices are still stable.

7. this technology can low-frequency resonance of all liquids, such as fruit juice, milk, wine, coffee, tea, can also be used to water, fish, moisturize the skin, clean the wound